dr. Dževada Šuško

Dr. Dževada Šuško is director of the Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks (www.iitb.ba) which is the research institution of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was appointed as the first woman in a leading position within the Islamic Community.


She is as well Assistant professor for International Relations and teaches courses related to history, politics and society of Europe, particularly the Balkans. Dževada Šuško grew up in Germany where she completed most of her studies in history, political science and cultural anthropology at Heidelberg and Hamburg University. She achieved her PhD degree in International Relations at the International University in Sarajevo (IUS). As a cosmopolitan, she did several studies abroad, such as in Italy (Universita per Stranieri, Firenze), Canada (Carleton University, Ottawa) and Palestinian territories (Birzeit University, Ramallah). Next to her mother tongue Bosnian, she speaks fluently English and German, and has extensive knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish. However, her focus in academia has always been Bosnia and Herzegovina, Islam in Europe, European Muslims, particularly the Bosniaks, as well as the relationship of religion and state and the position of women in society. She is the author of the book “Supplements for research about the sociocultural position of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1900-2010)”. She edited several books, wrote many chapters and articles in academic journals. Her work “Perception of the Bosniaks in the West” was translated in Turkish. Dževada Šuško gives lectures about the cultural and historical heritage of the Bosnia and Hercegovina as well as the understanding and practice of Islam among the Bosniaks for the last 500 centuries. Currently Dževada Šuško is working on the publication of her PhD thesis “Muslims and Loyalty: Reaction of the Bosniaks to the Austro–Hungarian Empire (1878–1918)“ in the USA at IIIT. She is the editorial board member of Context, the bilingual Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Additionally, she is involved in NGOs, such as the Centre for Education and research “Nahla” (www.nahla.ba) and the Centre for Advanced Studies (www.cns.ba) in Sarajevo.


Tel. +387-33-570 310