Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic decision-making body of the Institute:

  • prepares and establishes scentific research projects and their implementation
  • adopts scentific research projects, appoints research project managers, follows their work, gives advice and evaluates their results
  • gives academic titles
  • conducts training of personnel with academic and scentific work
  • establishes the publication activities of the Institute


Members of the Academic Board:

Fikret Karčić, PhD (President)

Fikret Karčić

Zuhdija Adilović, PhD

Zuhdija Adilović

Safet Bandžović, PhD

Safet Bandžović

Ahmet Alibašić, PhD

Ahmet Alibašić

Ayse Zisan Furat, PhD

Ayse Zisan Furat

Dževada Šuško, PhD

Dževada Šuško

Elvir Duranović, PhD

Elvir Duranović